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New artwork for the MDR-compliant products

  • Publication date: 20/03/23


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New artwork for the MDR-compliant products

Tecres recently obtained EU MDR certification for the following products: Cemex® Genta bone cement, Vancogenx® antibiotic-loaded bone cement, Spacer® preformed spacers with gentamicin, and Vancogenx-Space® Hip preformed spacers.

Closely related to the EU MDR certification, which implies product traceability and communicating product features to all those involved, the packaging of MDR-certified Tecres’ Orthopedics products distributed in Europe to make them instantly recognisable and easier to stock. In addition, the information on the packaging have been reorganised to make it more readable.

Here is a detailed description of the changes which have been made:

  • The new packaging design makes the information clearer and easier to read;
  • All the variables are clearly indicated in the blue ribbon, allowing you to identify the product’s features (e.g. spacer size, cement viscosity, or antibiotic, if any) at a glance;
  • We switched from regular barcodes to DataMatrix codes, which are easier to read;
  • We used the packaging makeover as an opportunity to align it with Tecres’ corporate identity.

Achieving the EU MDR certification is a long process that shows how Tecres is always ready (sometimes even ahead of time) to implement the latest developments that improve the lives of clients, doctors, and patients. And the new packaging is the result of a long parallel process developed to ensure continuity in the supply of top-quality products.


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